Help offered to TI,Mk Ultra Survivors, Share Experiences, DID Ritual Abuse, UFO abductions, Super soldiers

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Alchemy Of Truth

Intuitive Psychic Readings & Soul Counseling and Help offered to TI,Mk Ultra Survivors, Share Experiences, DID Ritual Abuse, UFO abductions, Super soldiers,

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Welcome ! Experience a New Journey,
Find Your Inner Truth
Change Your Life-Path
Today is the beginning of a new Chapter in your life, The Truth is within Our Human Design.


I use my  Intuitive insight into finding out who we are, If we only become still within and listen.
It is in our human design that the grail of knowledge is planted…
Clearing all the above mentioned issues and more...
Find Your life path
Connect with loved ones even if they are deceased, Death is only Transient
Connect with your spirit guides, have them drawn
Feeling lost ?, there is always guidance mapped out for you
Connect with your spirit guides
Connect to your destiny
Restore karmic timelines, find the truth within, remap your entire life with a few words everyday, celebrate your humanity knowing where to go.
Released from negative bonds,dark memories, Fears and Old belief systems.
cord cutting, remote healing, using psychic and Intuitive empathic gifts to assist, become balanced,counseling of the soul,
Dream Interpretation
Skype calls and telephonic readings,or visit if you are nearby

I have been helping many people to  find their internal Maps for over 20 years,
and I am always astonished at the incredible  grace that we as humans have within ourselves,
simply by connecting to our inner guidance to access our Internal Map.
I believe that it is possible to improve your life, and to unlock your own inner guidance to
finally walk on the path you were meant to, to overcome old belief systems and to break old cycles.
Your Life Path is unique to you just like a finger print.
For Some the process will be difficult and for others it will be easy. How fast the changes occur
in your life, is up to you ,but you will know when you start seeing and feeling the changes and the
synchronicity as your inner strength comes through.
Your progress is completely unique to who you are.

Patience and Love towards yourself is the starting point.

We ask  advice on what we can do to change ourselves for the better, instead of expecting it to do the work for us.
 While we don't believe you need any special magic powers to be able to read the tarot, sometimes it takes a stranger,
a third party, to relay these messages to you for it to really sink in. After all, we struggle to take our own advice,
even if the cards in our hands were what gave it to us.
The same applies to our wonderful clients, and that's what we hope to give them.


This is a contact page with some basic contact information on how you can contact me for an appointment or general query. Appointments must be made in advanced,

Please email me for an appointment

I do 1 hour skype call consultations
Follow Up meetings, an email as a follow up and a 1hour skype call , for a reduced fee

Readings via email, skype or telephonic
  • skype :Aurora Madel H
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  • South Africa

 walk with confidence, love and tolerance towards yourself