Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Digging Deeper Black Star

David Bowie Black Star, there is more then meets the eye

I thought it had something to do with this particular galaxy, the villa of Ormen is the way the galaxy shape, and the Solitary light is the Sun, the Black Star has something to do with the eclipse which is obvious, the Dead astronaut could be the death of either future Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong, the smiley badge on the suite indicates a timeline, the smiley was invented in the 1950s the progression of the video, indicates Jerusalem, where the head is taken to, indicating just like , and the the removal of the head from the astronaut could be a very highly decorated head of an office, being used as the controlling mechanism for the masses, could be the head of Nasa...pondering on some thoughts, these three scarecrows are the strawmen who are false representations of some false financial constitiution or it could be the three superpowers or countries.

Rough Layout of the video suggests that in the coming of days, someone the head of some fraternity, stepping down, and a possible revelation of a new world religion in the making, the black star is also a Dark star that is also known not in any particular manner reference to a movie in 1974 -"A satiric look at the problems experienced by a crew of bumbling astronauts on a mission to destroy rogue planets" movie Dark Star made by John Carpenter. Read the synopses- Furthr the Severed head, was skinned, see this as a reference -"Bartholomew (skinned alive and beheaded)—Preached the Gospel in Mesopotamia (Iraq), Persia (Iran), Turkey, Armenia and India.
He was skinned alive and beheaded at Derbent (Azerbaijan, near Russia) on the Caspian Sea by order of a local king after a majority of the people of Derbent converted to Christianity. Some of Bartholomew’s skin and bones are still kept in The Basilica of St. Bartholomew in Rome, a part of his skull is in Frankfurt, Germany and an arm is venerated at the Canterbury Cathedral in England." and James "James, the Great (beheaded)—Brother of the Apostle John.

He decided to preached the Gospel in Iberia (around Spain) and be the first to build a Christian foundation in the area. But according to some scholars, the Virgin Mary appeared to James and told him to return to Judea (around Israel) to help the other Apostles. He was captured and condemned to die by Herod the Agrippa 1 to please Jewish leaders who were furious at the rapid growth of the Church. James’ chief accuser was later convinced that the Apostle was indeed blessed by the Lord, he himself requested to be beheaded with James. After this, James’ body was brought back to Spain by his disciples and was buried in the area where the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is located, which is now considered as a major religious site."

In Conclusion the Black Star also makes me think of the Dark side of the Star of David, you never know

Points to Ponder

Stay Vigilant!

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