Tuesday, January 2, 2018

House Rules

we meet Aurora once again, from Bases 66,(oops on 69) live from South Africa with important insights. A variety of sources are giving similar data, some including the non terrestrialblack goo, (refer to early Bases interviews some with David Griffin, and Harald Kautz Vella). This is a live streamed edit on the fly, so some of the material we required was in progress during the interview, and several email attempts from Aurora did not arrive. Blunt message is:- Humanity is just a house guest on this planet, its abuse of "the house rules", means its time on this earth,... as John Lear has saiud... its time to clear out the petri dish. Humanity has a vast sector bent on killing and destroying the life on the planet. Its happening on our tenancy, and we need to clear up our mess before the land lord kicks us out.

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