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Tale of Two Suns in the Black Mirror/rorriM

"something coming ,coming in from our past"

I have come across the following visual anomalies, but it is a little more symbolic in terms of what it represents,
In this viewing i have dug a little deeper and have seen the following metaphysical revealing of sorts,
Upon looking closer, there is another orb or solar body in the sky along with a greater looking one, question is which one is the correct one?
But when you apply the following image , the balls of light both emit at around 11:AM SAST time the overlapping of the energy or light field and creating a vesica piscis,.

"Vesica piscis is also a symbol of the sacred Trinity and point of creation.  
In early traditions, a sphere was used to represent the perfection of the supreme being, continually existing with no beginning and no end.  
The addition of a second sphere represented duality, the division of male and female energies, god and goddess.  When the two spheres are overlapped, this is the point of Creation." 

The Sun with its artificial copy, working in sync with each other
See this link for clarity -

The Inversion Conundrum

 What we see is the twin artificial sun has created another version of itself, and looking closer one sees that here be the issue that can be understood as the symbol of the Vesica Piscis
The Vesica Piscis is a symbol of union, unity, togetherness, connection, co-creation, relationships, expansion, growth and evolution.
It is a symbol we can use to create loving sacred unions and relationships that help us connect with each other, collaborate with each other, co-create with each other in this new high vibration 5D energies. Symbols are powerful tools of communication and creation that crystallize energy into matter in a very multidimensional way
Vesica Piscis -"By applying this logic, vesica piscis is a gateway for finding common ground or unity, both in our external experience and our internal landscape.
If there are challenges in a relationship, then this method can be used to explore interests that are shared with the other person,  in order to find new ways to connect and expand the positive aspects of that relationship.  
If there is internal conflict about pursuing career goals v.s. developing creative expression or spiritual nature, then creating a diagram that represents the various elements of each of these paths may reveal activities in the areas of overlap that bring more fulfillment to life, or the possibility of a creating a start-up that merges creative abilities or spiritual aspects with entrepreneurship.-Dev Archer"


"This ancient symbol represents the overlapping of the inner and outer worlds, protecting the well, which is considered by Irish and Welsh folklore to be a mythological gateway to the spirit world.  

Additionally, the seven bowls of Glastonbury’s sacred waters feed into a larger pool in the shape of a vesica piscis."

Pools of Water were used as mirrors

The Black Mirror Effect 

We have mirrors that continually reflect back to us, we are as a human specie very concerned about how far we have come and where we are going always needing to see and reflect where all paths are leading.
What are you seeking in the Mirror?
Black Mirror makes me also feel that in the future time forward, there may be a deep state black project exposure, with enough awareness you will also see that this will be some kind of snake that they will unleash to make you eat your own tail or tale.

Become aware that many of these things will flare up to try to distract you , remember that your frequency of who you are you,because our I dentity is being absorbed, asimilated into the Tales of the Medea industry.

Who was Medea?
"Medea does not fit into the mold of a “normal woman” according to Athenian philosophy. She is depicted of having great intelligence and skill, something typically viewed as a masculine trait by Euripides’ original audience.
On the other hand, she uses that cunning in order to manipulate the men around her, and manipulation of other people would have been a negative female trait to the Athenian audience.
There is also the paradox of how she chooses to murder her victims in the play.
She poisons the princess, which would have been seen as a feminine way of murder, yet kills her children in cold blood, which is seen as more masculine.
She also has dialogue about her children and shows a strong maternal love and connection to them, something that was essential to “normal women” in Athenian society.
Yet at the end of the play she is able to kill her children as part of her revenge"

 what is the Mirror?
 the double artificial sun is merely a part of what you are meant to see as well, funny thing, I remember that I saw that the word Hostile that sounds very much like the word Host tiles, tiles that are like your mobile device? or tiles that reflect you and fitting you into a world that is holographic  to become mesmerized by your own i /magi /nation....

Magically folding the I into the i to become i is a lower frequency to being I.

I am drawing the Vesica Piscis into this subject of the Black mirror saga because there is a reflection but a dark image that is hidden, A type of Scrying tool to see what is not visible, enticing you to look deeper and fall in love with yourself or a version of yourself.

Smoke and mirrors

Black Mirror series

The issue in short is that everything around you sublimely entices you, making you feel that its ok, im only human, i am less than and so slowly you become an other version, the process of slow degradation from the I to the i - in the net - in ter net

In the net you let go of your Uniqueness

Lose your originality to an image of what you think you should be, or what you were meant to be the lie of...*Lauda Leon on Believe.
Be You, not the sum of all your works or the name tag that you where, but you in true essence as a full spectrum light being, a life giving spirit.

The Silver Screen or the Moon Blinking you into submission, into the Coin or Cain of Society, Citizen Cain?
Who was Cain? Please note that this is a deeper metaphorical explanation of the two suns or two sons Cain and Able - " Cain, the firstborn, tilled the soil, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. "
* It must also be noted that When one is in the net of willing entrapment that one will be entering the system of Sophia through - the holographic verse or neural overlay for the Coins or Cain to work, where there has to be some kind of sacrifice, bloodletting , one thing must always die for another thing.

What is narcissism? ,
It is extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one's own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type, self-centredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, either in very young babies or as a feature of mental disorder.

Being engrossed by the Face book The Playbook of Artificial stage towards the synthetic assimilation of your emotional Data...

And So...

A dark son is in the making, the dark twin as another false idol or copy of what we are, and isn't that what Archons are influencing us to be the lie of?
creating copies of us, copies of the statues, dividing the wholeness, separate the the polarities and become One within yourself.

Become Sovereign become you, be you, know that you are in Infinite Consciousness living in a full Spectrum Frequency.
Become you not the condition, your identity is not the condition that you live in, be responsible for what you think and feel.

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Stay Vigilant

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