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Dragon Lore : Firebrand Mythos

Sacred Mythos
A story about the Sacred Dragon and the path that we are going through

Enter the Dragon
The dragon comes from a world long forgotten, this world was the pivotal point of all sacred heart energy.
In this journey, the information of all the sacred guidance came and so it became the very fire branded seed of the Sacred mithochondrial DNA.

A tale with two endings
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In the Beginning

Before Inception * I lived in a whole universe call it a multiverse; I lived in the presence of the All, within Source, an ethereal presence as a singularity. This is the point of one existence that I would like to share with you.
Before this I was a thought and I felt the presence of air breathing into me.

I have seen the timelines ,cycles within the halls of a greater viewing, where we have been operating in, viewing many streams of time from the deeper spectral visors of crystal like domes. In these domes ,there are 7 of us and as we all marveled the Created version of the planet with the new found beings called sons and daughters. 
These kindling, young in their new embodiment, are learning as the new dawn has come upon them of fire.
I am inside a crystalline structure; I observe all timelines as if streams or bands, these are not time lines but moments of dimensions, dimensions of higher and lower bands of frequencies.

 Moments do not all happen in the same instance, but only when it’s observed or focused, else it continues as it is. We are working together, nothing and all exists as it is by the thoughts and intentions of a Source, Father-Mother, but I existed before even this as I said as Thought.

There is no evil nor is there good only how the intentions are meant to be given to each being that receive this inspiration. Evil and Good are perceptions of dualism, all is and Experience as an expression in Spirit.

 Enter the Dragon...
                        A New Life – Lli Uri the Elder Race or Dragons/ Ou Volk/old Folk
I opened my eyes and saw a family, dessert type world in adobes, but cool, not too hot and there were two solar orbs in the sky, one was lighter than the other. Each one had a sense of vibration energy that it excreted outward to bounce back up and connect with the lower light orb or solar disk.

This particular function made the planet rich in electromagnetic frequencies that could alter any kind of other time stream or reality.  I grew up to a young adult.  I was taught in the wisdom of my Elder Family. I know that I was not human, though I would remember this concept later.
I grew up in a village of many together, like a great family, there was no distinct leadership, but there was the wisdom keepers or Elders and the Keepers of the laws, the laws of the internal insight and the greater and lesser powers of Time and Space, similar to the higher and lower frequencies of the lighter and lower activities of the solar disks.
 Everyone that lived on this planet lived in a harmonious way with each other, equilibrium of balance. 
Our planet was not very big it was our energy that expanded outward to shift timelines and to restructure the dimensions in the ways it needed to be, advanced electromagnetic energy and sacred language, using our Great Visions and the close connection from Source. This Sacred language would be part of my life from this time on, this sacred language was written I my Blood code and I would be forever in that magnetized energy. 

We touch heads to greet and convey plasma energy to one another, in this lineage, the Female is the Queen, her DNA represents the entire map of the specie, and it is carried over to one another.
It was said that we were personally made by the very breath of our Source, formed from the earth of our world.

We were not human in our physical appearance. We were the Dragons or Elder Race…The Original Tribe....
We had rough skin, but our eyes were blue. The Elders raised the children. Every couple that had a child had allowed the greater Elders to school them, but in this, the parents of these children would be part of the emotional spiritual and natural education of everything. There was no system but a child had to learn about the ways that we lived as the Elder Race. 

It is the Elder Race that can formulate the essence of the heart and the solar frequencies of the Source and the living energy, for this to become what it would like to be. 

Think of this group as the extensions of Source in an energy form. It was not always needed to be physical but we were partially physical and partially not, extending presence of our existence. We were given the insight to learn about the deeper aspects of this sacred journey, we were very advanced in time and spatial manipulation, using the high and low energies to establish a stream of consciousness. 

Consider Source requiring a stream of communication and equations to recreate a universal kind of soul substance. We loved one another with great care and respect, warm and committed to the laws of Source. If Source seeks a way to expand on a particular aspect in consciousness, consider us to formulate that particular dream in a manifestation. I am unable to elaborate more on this aspect, but there were not many more soul cores that have come from us after what has happened.

The Elders have told us that they had seen into the future that there would be a day when others would come to try and take over our world, and that we would not be able to stop them because their presence would be very powerful and that we would have to see this as the ending process of our cycle that we have lived for a very long time. It was prophesied that we would not take part of their agenda, but we would rise above this in the later part of one day, to return to our Source. We did not allow our energies to be drained from us. We would step above this process one day, so it was spoken.
It is important to understand that we did not surrender but that we did not allow this protocol of our energy to be learnt or abused, thus we allowed our own physical extinction to take place.
It was in those years that I remember to have felt a love so strong from my brothers and sisters, because we were all telepathically linked to one another. Our race was an Elder Race, a very old one that we have collectively had come to the end of our reign to surrender to a new path, little did I know that I would be the one who would be carrying them with me inside of my heart, united my world within me.
I would always have them linked to me, even as I am writing about this now, I feel them connecting to me.  We can bend stars and create gravity; our DNA creates a centripetal force that holds suns and planets together.

                                                     Saying Goodbye Forever Rebirth
An Invasion from a Crystalline Race emerged in our skies… Light Rods blasting into our lower planetary realms, the skies darkened with the chemical and fire that they blasted us, blue electrical lines zipping into the planet, this was the last time that I would ever know this as my home, and in this moment, I was sent to another room, one hidden in the ground of this world. Many enemy beams sent into the planet and destroying my people, our homes, our world.

Dragon Elders and the Dragon Mother was often visited and consulted to bring forward knowledge but in this case, I believe my future Orion Father would collect DNA from the Holy Great Dragon Mother, whom was taken in captivation, but remained to be sovereign in the rites of her reign.

 My Elder came to me; it was decided that I would have to leave, and that the rest would stay behind, but that my family would always be with me in my essence and in my heart, in my Etheric DNA and Light DNA…The Fire Branded seed, and to do what needed to be done, this I did not know yet!  The magnetic power of the fire in the blood.

 I saw my brothers and sisters looking at me, my kin, not really knowing what the intentions are that I must leave this world. I enter a room, as if it a one way mirror, and as I turn around to look at them one more time, the fire beams come blasting into the caves, I felt my heart sink into my feet and the world melt around me, feeling how they all reach into my heart and into my chest, making me weep and weep until I could have no more tears left.

I am saying eons, because I do not bound this to any linear time construct that we are living in, all is relative to the many moments of our perceptions, but I begin a journey, and I would like to share it with you.
In my Etheric essence I am feeling the Magnetic pulling from my Mother, I heard a calling, from a voice that would have been my Orion Father and my Dragon Mother, a song of calling me to begin a life within a new form, one that is like a sheath of some kind, a cloak of presence. First I am shrouded into a ball of light and then I become more formed with the dragon fire and the crystal energy.
This is the time that I know that they were together to bring me forth. The First Born as another form.
I am feeling that this to be the Source, our home, where we eventually return to, as whole experienced beings. A sense of this is true, though I do not feel whole, I feel divided and folded into another form.
 This is not a dimension but a state of Being Source. We are all Source, with variations of the original Thought Based genome, and others who have come into this world to experience life and to know how to create.
The Insertion of Dragon Mother’s Mitochondria DNA Code was in a cup, the holy cup that would bring life, the grail. This cup was used as an inverted symbol later on Terra.
 In the House Orion lives from now the eldest Dragon Family independent as extended the Fire branded line….in this family is Dragon Mother, maybe Tiamat.
Father is Orion…but Father can’t marry Dragon Mother as it is forbidden to have a non-dragon spouse…but the seeds are the focus.
 The mitochondria is the carrier to the DNA, the fire switches on the creative process….I feel that perhaps new seed was needed to be introduced into the Orion Empire to ensure future procreation…
The seed and its power, fire in the blood sediments of gold and copper, creates an alchemical implosion, creating a bases of electromagnetism and electrifying fields of water  and other bodies of plasma.
Time is a period of rotations and charges that are built up and implode in the electric field of the blood.
Time is the foundation of structure in creating elements that will come forward eventually along with the interference of the misconception of what this particular blood and genetics can do. The ability to create stars and to move them in quantum genetic way through the magnetized blood, using fractal manipulation through the implosion.
This Blood ignites through the physics of the fire and intention. Of this an anomaly called Seraph as a byproduct comes, if not controlled; this is what Orion beings cannot produce, the mitochondria. Inside the Orion bloodline there are high winged Dragon beings as part of the Orion Queen bloodline, they cannot ignite fire in blood.
What has later destroyed the Dragon line was the crystallization of fractal existence. The Quartz froze the implosion property in the blood, leaning later as the Orion are Quartz like in their light emitting.
The Soul particle is the light founded from this.
Uruwan is the name of my Blood of My Dragon Mother. Out of this lineage came later the shinning Ones.
The Orion seeds cannot produce or have been interfered with, perhaps new blood was needed….to ignite the DNA.
So Orion Father and Orion Mother who was Lyraen and taken over by the Cold heart energy of another Specie at the time as the Elder and the Queen, there were no kings, only Queens and Elders can now reproduce but artificially, because I was born from Mother Dragon and Orion Crystalline bloodline from Father….

My DNA as the mix was used for artificial insemination with the Orion Queen Mother high winged dracco beings, but light emitting in frequency. 

It is important to know that Orion Elders have a Crystalline DNA bases and that the Orion Queen DNA has light emitting or thunder seed. Dragon Mother has implosive Fire seed magnetized. 

Dragon In South Africa

Draco Volans or Flying Dragon

The flying lizard is found mainly in rain forests and tropical areas that can provide adequate number of trees for the lizard to jump from, in southern India and Southeast Asia. This includes the Philippine Islands as well as Borneo.

Smaug Giganteus (Sungazer)

Sungazers are heavily armoured lizards hence one of their common names, the Girdled Lizard.  This is derived from the rows of ossified, bony scales along their body.  These scales or osteoderms are heavily keeled and are arranged in uniform rings or girdles around the body.

The name Ouvolk is from the ancient Afrikaans language spoken by early Dutch settlers and roughly translates into “Old Folk”, supposedly referring to its tendency of sitting at the entrance of the burrow facing the sun for many hours on end.  Universally, the most commonly used name, Sungazer is also derived from this posturing.  The name Zonure and Lord Derby’s Lizard have all but vanished from use.


The name ‘giant’ suggests that these animals are large in stature.  This is true when compared to the other forty plus species of the Cordylidae family. Adults reach a size of about 38 centimeters (14.6 inches) from snout to tail tip, are dark brown in colour on their upper body becoming a yellow-straw colour on their flanks and underside.  Younger animals are more colorful with yellow and black bars or stripes on their body, which fades as they mature.

Texts Source:
Finding Beauty in the Beasts

Draco Volans (Flying dragon)

The flying lizard is characterized by a large set of "wings" along the sides of the body, which are used for gliding. These are supported by elongated ribs. They also have a gular flap called a dewlap, which is located under the head. This tissue is used during displays. The body is very depressed and elongate.

Texts Source:
Draco volans (Common Flying Dragon)

First described in 1844 by the Scottish naturalist, Dr. Sir Alan Smith, this species is known by many different names such as; Sungazer, Giant Girdled Lizard, Zonure, Lord Derby’s Lizard or Ouvolk. Sungazers are endemic to South Africa and are synonymous with the gently sloping  Themeda sp. grassland of the Highveld plateau. 

Draco Volans or Flying Dragon

The flying lizard is found mainly in rain forests and tropical areas that can provide adequate number of trees for the lizard to jump from, in southern India and Southeast Asia. This includes the Philippine Islands as well as Borneo.

The Dragon and the Pearl -The Pearl is the Soul energy and the Capacity to bring in fire to ignite the soul to become connected to the Greater spirit.

"Long ago, near the River Min in the province of Sichuan in China, there lived a woman and her son. They were good people, but very poor. Every day the boy hiked into the countryside to cut grass. This he gathered and sold to the villagers for fodder and fuel. With his small earnings, mother and son managed to survive.
One year a terrible drought struck the land. Life became even harder for the family. The boy went out as usual every day, gathering what he little he could. He made less and less money. After a while his mother became ill from hunger.
One day the boy was walking beside a dry stream bed and came upon the lushest patch of bright green grass he had ever seen. Amazed by his luck, he quickly cut the whole patch, filled his sack and carried it to the village. He sold his grass for more money than he had ever made before. Then he returned home and fed his mother a hearty meal.
The next day the boy returned to the same spot in the hills, hoping he might find another green patch. To his astonishment, he saw that the grass he had cut the day before had grown again, just as thick and green. He worked until sunset, and once again traveled to the village and earned enough money to pay for a fine meal.
On the third day the boy again returned to the dry stream bed. Again he saw the grass had grown. For five days this went on. The boy and his mother were deeply grateful for the miraculous patch of grass.
But on the sixth day the boy woke and yawned, "Oh, it is so far to walk to my spot." Then he smiled, for he had an idea. He would go to the patch again, but this time he would dig up the magic grass by the roots and bring it back to plant beside their house.
He hiked back into the hills to his patch and worked there for hours, digging up the earth and roots. Suddenly he found, buried in the soil, a beautiful white pearl tinged with pink. He held it gently in his palm, watching it gleam in the midday sun. Then he put it in his pocket and finished his work.
That night the boy showed the pearl to his mother. "It's so lovely," she said as she rolled the gem between her fingertips.
"We can sell it!" the boy said happily.
"No, let us keep it for a while," said the mother. "It will be nice to have something so beautiful with us." She put the pearl in the rice jar, and the boy went out to plant his grass.
The next morning the boy awoke early, eager to see his new patch of grass. But when he ran to the window, he saw that the grass was withered and dying. "Oh, I am a fool," he cried. "I have destroyed that which was good. If only I had not been so lazy."
Then he remembered the pearl. He ran to the jar to make certain the precious gem was still there. To his great surprise, the jar, which had been nearly empty, now brimmed with rice, and the lovely pearl sat on the top, gleaming in the morning light. "Mother, come quickly," he called.
When she saw this miracle, she rejoiced. "We will eat a big bowl of rice in celebration," she said. This they did. "Let us put the pearl back as it was," she said.
The next morning, to their great joy, they found the jar was full once more.
"This is a magical pearl," said the mother. "We must care well for our treasure." That night she put the pearl in the money box. The next morning the box was overflowing with coins. That night they placed the pearl inside the oil jar. In the morning, the jar overflowed with oil.
The mother and her son no longer had any worries. Whatever they needed, the pearl created for them. Their friends and neighbors noticed the change in their fortunes, but no one minded in the least, for mother and son were generous beyond compare. They were always giving things to others.
Two men in the village, though, were selfish and greedy, and were suspicious of the good fortune the mother and son possessed. One day these men went to the house and bullied the woman to share the secret of her wealth.
"But gentlemen," said the woman, "our fortune is no secret. We are lucky enough to own a magical pearl." She took the pearl from its safe place in the cupboard.
The men crowded close. Suddenly one of them snarled, "We shall have your pearl," but before he could grab it, the boy snatched it up and put it in his mouth.
"Give it to us!" cried the men. One of them began to shake the boy. He shook so hard, the boy swallowed the pearl.
The boy felt a burning sensation in his stomach. He was thirstier than he had ever been. "Oh, Mother," he cried. "I am so thirsty! I need water, tea -- anything."
Distressed to see her son in pain, the mother poured him glass after glass of tea and water, but soon she had nothing more to offer. The boy dashed outside to the well and drank the well dry, and still he was thirsty.
He ran to the river. His mother and the two men and all the neighbors stood helplessly nearby by as the boy drank the river dry.
And then, suddenly, a loud crack of thunder sounded. Wind roared. Lightning flashed. Rain poured from the heavens. The earth trembled, and people fell to the ground, grateful that their drought had ended.
But now they were astonished at the sight before them, for the boy began to grow. Larger and larger he grew, and soon scales appeared on his back. Horns sprouted from his head. His eyes grew and bulged from his head. The woman wept as she watched her son turn into a dragon. She knew the pearl was to blame.
Rain kept coming, and the dragon walked into the overflowing river. The mother wept. "Come back, child," she said. The boy could not help himself from turning around to look at her. As he did, his mighty tail swept the river's edge, creating huge mud banks.
The boy then knew that he would not change back. He had become a dragon, the guardian of the river. His mother understood this, too. "Farewell, my son," she called. "Guard the river well."
And from then on the guardian dragon lived in the River Min. There he kept the magical pearl safe. The pearl gave off a glowing light that never faded, and it continued to increase the things among which it was placed.
The mud banks are there still, testament to the boy's farewell as he disappeared into the river, thrusting his mighty dragon's tail. For many years, until the mother's death, she visited the river daily and spoke with her child, the guardian dragon. That is why the people call these banks beside the River Min the "Looking at Mother Banks."
The second book collection of wonderful tales from "Tell Me a Story"

Behind Enemy Lines The Draco
It is very important that the Draco or Alpha draconis must not be confused with the Dragon of the old world- Hereby a Story of an old memory...

It was done, and I had transferred into another part of this galaxy, the very home of where the Draco had come from, this world was dark and had a purple night shade sky, some were white and others were brown, but they were majestic beasts of power and cast system that was their code of existence.
They invade worlds; it seemed to be part of their agenda as they seek to terra form many worlds, considering this as a sense of ownership and status. They have been doing this for a very long time.
The real estate giants of the universe.
These creatures had a strong presence of majestic power, strategists and power of technology was not foreign to them, they were more intelligent than the regular reptilian species…They were Draco but there was some kind of illumination that they had in their presence.
At the time they were working on some kind of construct that could be a type of simulation, but had help.
As I materialized, I was not inside any particular body or vessel to have had the ability to escape my home world, but I had the capability to jump through wormholes and doorways in the dimensions., they stirred, though they never attacked me, as it seemed that in my energy field I possessed the energy to make them docile, temperature alteration and frequencies shifted.
Soon I had entered a body, this body was already being birthed and I needed to get into this vessel, before my energy was being depleted. I became a great warrior and this was the planning of the great attack on the Orion Empire.

            Enter the Alpha Draco Embodiment/The Bloodline of the Orion Queen
 I was in the embodiment of an Alpha draconis, hybrid with Lli Uru DNA from Dragon Mother. I was white like a soft beige color, our blood was in oxygen. We lived as a tribe, always squabbling and arguing, extremely aggressive.
We had a strong Egyptian look about us...this is the bloodline of the Orion Queen.
When we slept we slept in a bundle huddled together for the warmth and for snakes in a pit...except we were pure white...and the older some of us got the whiter they would get and die, and there would be a ceremony, but only to send off the soul or the ka to the next world.
We were very concerned about our lineage, our bloodline had to remain pure, and it was a death sentence if any or some had mixed with the lower slaves.
We had slaves, less developed reptiles. They cleaned up after us, we were concerned about rules, but it was permissible to eat another of our own kind, if it had to happen, although it was not too often.
I remember that we were communicating telepathically, but the problem was all would hear the same message, so some of us in the highest ranks invented a language that we used so that the other of our kind could not understand, it was a sacred language, and it was Sanskrit, yet similar in sounds and vowels, masking our thoughts by developing the language as an elitist privilege.
I had dreams even then and heard a voice speak to me, a female said that I needed to wake up, that it was trying to reason with me, it was very difficult to hide this voice as some heard the voice and were questioning me, a great deal.
I said that I was experimenting with sound and they left it at that. We communicated telepathically through blood. I went to the sage or the priest, as we had those, and he only gave me tea.
Supply Run and the stealing of the lion DNA

When we were at our lowest in supplies, we built ourselves a mechanical star, that we could use to hide in and or to move in would look at the death star.
When we came to a planet where the lionide tribes were staying, and we settled down to negotiate, our agenda was to take over this planet, it was desert like, and it had a few freshwater seas, and rivers and mountainous.
I loved the beauty of the planet and I was mesmerized by the lionides, they mastered time and controlled dimensional space and they were at peace. It was as if I was compelled to take some of their DNA after all I was a bio engineer, that is what the term would be, but it is more than that term, it means creator. I took a sample of the DNA of the Lion beings.
Later i went back to my lab and started to separating the dna strands and splicing it with a sample of my own...I was curious, and i was perhaps unhappy, if it was possible to feel emotional, I remember that I had a heart once and desired to feel the feelings of warmth in my chest like my Dragon Mother.
I started to create, it was a simple process, and soon i had an embryo, which I grew in amniotic fluid. It would be something like weeks, that it took for the embryo to become fully grown as we could speed up the creation process with certain hormones. If we needed to have cloned or created food in similar manner.
I then went to the laboratory and found the new being, white and lion like, red amber colored eyes, canines of the leonide. The wings of the Draco were retracted and made up part of the body.
I wanted to be in this body and made preparations to end the life that I was living in.
I took a spear and buried it into my stomach and my chest, piercing upward. I focused on the new body, I was to take was a young would not be too difficult to adapt to this embodiment.
The Council sensed my energy through the blood, heard my through in the blood and came, but it was too late. I had left the purple planet to go to the lionide people, as the pod would take me there..
All our method of ships and transport was spear head shaped.

Making contact with Lionides
I landed the ship, red copper like a swallow, I sat down and I saw the Shaman come to me, walking very slowly, he was dying, I had greeted him , and he said to me that he thought I would never come back, it has been so long…I asked him what he meant, he said time does not flow for you as it does for us, Your time is more bound to your world, where you are aging slower. We do not age but we become lighter in our existence our frequencies and soon we will not be here, those of us have reached Liunka…this was the word for some kind of etheric ascendance or transcendence.
There beings are like old Viking warriors and Native American tribes, I grew to be part of them but I aged slower and they were disappearing, but in these times I learnt that I connected with someone that was like my twin Brother, this being was like me in every way but very sad and shut off from me, he became my best friend. Told me I was an Albino lion and that sometimes it’s best not to push this too far for others to see the transmutation of the dark into the light. 
I lived with the Lion tribe where we were known as fierce warriors and creators of time, we could create time rifts and portals; let’s say electromagnetic power was our forte.
We had the appearance of lionide like and we were respected as gatekeepers. Our planet was called was desert like and fiery, but very fertile.
We had a Shaman as an elder; every shaman is elected as a calling.
This particular Shaman Elder was very weak in his power, and we had waited for the season to pass to find another more suited...either by death or by outvote.
This in term of everything we knew and what we stood for was very primitive, but it was only as we chose to live simple.
Our first planet was negotiated away from us by this particular Shaman...I had grown angry that this had to happen for the second time after all the work we had done to prosper on the first planet, which was where I was created.


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