Monday, November 18, 2019

Armed Heart - Ether Magick

Journey from within the eye of the needle inward out...
"One with spiritual understanding knows that the ether exists as an
emanation of Mind and should not be confused in its limitations with
matter. Its being is governed and sustained by ideas, and ideas have no
physical dimensions."
"Ether is reported to be of four kinds, or grades of density in our
planet Earth; their names (from the lowest or most dense to the highest
or most subtle one) and their relation to the human being, from the
point of view of these Esoteric teachings, is as following:
1. the "Chemical Ether": both positive and negative in manifestation and
it is related to the assimilation and excretion processes;
2. the "Life Ether": has also a positive and negative pole and it is
related to the forces of propagation;
3. the "Light Ether": the positive pole is related to forces which
generate blood heat in the higher species of animal and in the human
being and the negative is related to the forces which operate through
the senses (passive functions of sight, hearing, feeling, tasting, and
4. the "Reflective Ether": the medium through which thought makes an
impression upon the human brain and this ether contains pictures which
work as reflections of the Memory of Nature found at the World of

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