Time Of Internal Truth

Time of internal truth

The Time of internal Truth has never been more clear , than now, with all
of the physical changes and negative disturbances around us.
We were led to believe that we do not have choice,
to make means the taking up of responsibility for yourself,
To know you have free will.
This choice takes courage and an awareness.
The negative agenda is to streamline your thoughts into a singularity of consciousness.

How To Defeat Alien Archons?


I can share with you how one can counter Archons, as I have said , these parasites are Mind Parasites, so the best way to fight them is with the mind, as I have learnt
Archons are mind parasites that attach to all areas of the energy of anything organic that has a soul.
Archons can also be controlled, by higher level entities
They also look like artificial organic organisms and or cyborglike(combination of organic and non organic) in their existence…Like spiders or octopus
See also attached the link for research purposes..
Some short brief ideas on what to experience and what to do, think on your feet…
The first place they tap into, is your chakras, then they seek out your weakness and lodge themselves there…Even physical impairments of your body, this is also where they tap into…fractures in your aura…
The removal is always from within…as the essence of humans are not entirely fixed energy, that means you exist on multiple plains of frequencies…
The trick to knocking them out is to become aware of them, but to not fixate on their existence.
When you fixate on them, you feed them, like attention seeking behaviour, do not feed it…walk away from someone you feel behaves erratic, be mindful that its all about a power play , not a power struggle…
A sharp tinnitus ringing in your ears , predominantly in one ear, it doesn’t matter which ear, but if it stays constant and deafens out …followed by irrational behaviour or an over reaction, remember a Power Play….emotionally tagging you, like a constant attention seeking..
Please note : These mind parasites do not always create aggression , it can be a state of anything that will ” press your button” in other words…forcing you to react.
Removal and clearing can be done in these steps
1.Part of removing them , is to be aware of them but to not acknowledge them,
2.Remove all fluoride from your body , by keeping your body clear and in the right frequency , your soul emits a unique frequency, you will feel it…Bicarbonate of Soda is important, a quart of teaspoon in water in the morning and night, will keep you clear, this Alkalizes your system, you also get base powders , if you want to replace bicarb…
Change your toothpaste…if you can, with no fluoride…
Fluoride also makes your frequencies and senses sluggish, and calcifies your third eye.
3.Start in the morning , you must say the following in an affirmative manner, out loud 21 times : I am awakened and a free whole loving being, I am free from all internal and external parasitic entities in every shape and form. I am a creative loving Sovereign Being…This entire sentence must be said out loud everyday, 21 times, for 2 weeks
You might have to write it down at first as you will have to do this, everyday, until you have reached the understanding of how to defend yourself from these elements…This will take time…the first part of the mantra is to assist you in becoming more focused on your soul energy, strengthening your level of awareness
Thereafter you will start to experience many changes on an physical and soul level , these changes are also written into the mantra to establish a sovereignty …
Internal wholeness creates external wholeness, to heal the body is to heal the soul.
I think you could combine your mantra you use with this one, perhaps in your language…It entirely up to you..
Your brain takes 21 times to rewire itself.
The reason I use this , is because we think and we create with the creative sound of our souls just as the One or the Source has created …
Words are very powerful, as it emits a frequency, remember we are in a frequency war currently…
You would want to restructure your thoughts
To clear and dissolve any or all types of OCD thought loops or reprogrammed, influenced, reactive behaviour
There is no cut off time ,everyone is different, I still use it, when I feel a bit uneasy…
I have found that if I am very affected, lets say ill or stressed out, aside from slow deep breathing…..
I sometimes listen to a very specific clip of Didgeridoo music….
I hope this has been of some assistance.

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