Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Earth A Construct

The planet was initially created as a balanced elemental structure.
The Frequencies are based on thought, intentions, sound, light, rhythm and vibration

Where there is Time or Fractals of time (parts of Time vortexes, star gates, and dimensions) and space linear time…there is Matter. TIME + SPACE = DIMENSION. We have linear time = plane of effect

We have spatial time=Dimensional causal. Spatial time is not chronological but momentary, connected to the emotional heart center.
Matter corresponds or is reactive to all activities, be these activities, mental, emotional or spiritual, Matter and anti-Matter is Alive and is All encompassing in the entire cycle of existence as a creative substance of and belief patterns of the psyche or spirit and the soul.

Patterns of Programmed behavior –This is how belief systems are formulated. Belief systems are a series of Behavioral patterns created by the implementation of frequencies, through whatever the stimuli imprints upon the mind.

How they operate is, to create a war, one must break down the people, Break down enough people and we have a revolution.
We can think of it in this way,
Thought is processed within the Mind, The Mind manipulates Matter and thus the effect is the product or program.
Our revolution is justified by the effects of the breaking down of people. War is justified.

Matter is not visible but it is all around us. Matter cannot function without the anti-Matter also known as Dark Ether. Matter cannot exist without anti matter, it is the glue that holds all together.

This is known as the Principle of Correspondence.
The Principle of Correspondence is a Hermetic Principle, which states,
That which is above is likened to that which is below
That which is below is likened to that which is above.
And for every action there is an equal opposite reaction. 
Breaking down of people =cause   / People revolting=effect
For every cause there is an effect

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