Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Proof That Artificial Intelligence Is a Symbiotic Program within the civilized Behaviour

Most theories only show the effects of the behavior of humans on a psychological level, tests have been done to adapt behavior to a moralistic level, but the roots of the conditions have not succeeded.

Human behavior in essence is inherently moralistic, kind hearted, pleasant and loving. With enough Frequencies and mind controlling, be it through the heart, mind or body, an artificial belief system is created, that overrides the basic moral code of existence. This Artificially Created Symbiotic Program of selfishness breaks down our sense of CARE and we become less caring not just towards ourselves but also to others. Our Care shifts to self, service to self at the cost of others.

The crux: to sway the mind enough with psychological bombardment, so that the mind will reprogram itself to care for the falseness on the planet, that which can instantly “gratify me”. We pretend to feel, we have an apathetic behavior towards our fellow man. Humans exploit one another because of internal suffering from this conditioning, social ineptness follows, desperation, exploitation of another’s inadequacies, pleasures, passions, self-esteem and the lack of it in some cases, abandonment, and environment.

We chose to move towards external developments that stimulate, pamper and satisfy our every whim, we have in effect become trans-humanistic within ourselves. The constructs of our bodies and how worldly our sight has become, results in that all that we see beyond ourselves, is “what can be done for me”?

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