Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Proof That Artificial Intelligence Is a Symbiotic Program within the civilized Man Recap

In our arrogance, we are in adversity, our instincts, appetites, must be subservient to the great cycle of the natural Divine Law.
Man lives in a universe of Cause and effect, under the great laws of Causality and alternation of harmony and rhythm. He should not violate these laws for himself. Our Will is our ability to distinguish the right from the wrong.
We as a human species have lost our inner security, we have thrown ourselves into a universe which is too big for us, have not learnt that we can swim back to shore. To start all over again on the basic grounds of self-improvement.
There are establishments that have altered the processes of living man, there has been an unnatural, artificially created lifestyle.
To take no responsibility for our actions allows us to realize we can fight for ourselves, our human rights, 7]

The environment must radiate from within ourselves. If we are negative, the environment is negative and afflicts us, If we are positive within ourselves, our environment becomes a source of inspiration, if we are at war within ourselves, our environment hurts us and breaks us down and if we are self-involved our environment stops caring for us, stops loving us, it abandons us.
But if we care for ourselves , we can feel care radiate towards us, and we will have direction and purpose in life, purpose keeps one grounded and teaches one an inner discipline,which the natural laws are based upon.

Eugenics “the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.”
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8] Read further more on MK Ultra and Mind Control

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