Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Agenda

The Agenda- EFFECTS
In times of war, both parties pray to win the war. We are using various esoteric ways to get what we want, we deviate from our natural laws, believe that we are illuminated when our minds are sick.
All these rights and rituals, had something to do with power, the Self. To remove the blackness out of Magic, we must remove the selfishness out of it. To experience cosmic consciousness or illumination.
Our fears have created a belief, that we cannot control that which we cannot see, therefore we must see all.

Black Magic opens the depths of fear to the individual , it is not necessarily black.

The Elitists are afraid of one another, they keep on trying to destroy one another, sacrificing the common man, using the common man as cannon fodder.
Man makes himself available for this, when man is subservient to his own selfishness.

The All Seeing Eye is not the symbol that is evil, but the abuse thereof .The capstone with the eye comes to mind, as well as the one eye social symbol, a continuous seeking to belong, so we sell ourselves out to whomever will want us.
Ironically, the eye represents only one viewpoint of the eye of consciousness, the one side of the coin so to speak.

Whatever thought we think, and whatever message we send, we must let it be good, so that it returns in goodness to us.

The pyramid is the place where all elements of the mind takes place, pyramid also represents the capstone or place of fire,
The greater the esoteric skill and selfishness, the more in danger man is. There is no ultimate security or safety if one is selfish. The five saturnine towns also represent the 5 senses of man, sight, hear, smell, touch and taste with the 6th sense internal to accentuate all 5. This is also the pentagram state of consciousness.

Penta- 5 Gram/ or the 5 pointed Star has become or turned so as to be a fallen state of mind/body and soul . It is inverted, polarized for negative malevolent evil entities or “influences”. The example of this inverted condition is everywhere.
Gram-measure of 5 sensory program. Just as Serpent means
Pent- 5
Today society and culture reveals the fundamental design of the “Soul” (Nephesh [נֶפֶשׁ]/psyche [ψυχή] FEMALE IN ENERGY: Thoughts, Feelings, Desires, Emotions [TRANSLATES TO OUTWARD ACTIONS such as SPEECH AND BEHAVIORS] and Will (in other words THE SELF)
These are the laws that have been the measuring tools for the earth and its creative energy on the planet.

These universal laws are also inverted so that it works against mankind through manipulating the Divine power inside man.

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