Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Proof That Artificial Intelligence Is a Symbiotic Program within the civilized Body

This body contains several levels of management, plants have a growth division, animals emotional, man a mental division, thus making man a composite of all these divisions.
When he becomes educated, the human has four levels through which he can manifest, he is not only his mind, nor only his body, he is the driver of this body, it cannot possess anything, only  accumulate honorably.
Accumulation is temporary, the more you want the less you will have, this is an artificially created behavior. It is a learned behavior. Death is the only certainty in this life, this is an important matter, as it will explain why the negativity still persists, when you physically leave your body, you will travel inside your body, from your solar plexus, towards your heart and then exit through your crown chakra.

As your soul leaves, your silver cord will detach from the system (this cord was like a safety rope that anchored you to your physical body), extracting electromagnetic energy. This is similar to the umbilical cord that you are born with, so you depart with one as well. Consciousness extracts any and all records from the body, after extraction this energy body also transmutes. You then approach the Dimension of energies, planets and or galaxies, these energies are experiential, subject to rules as if on the earth plane. Spiritual evolution does not stop when the physical form dies off, it continually evolves, transmuting into other forms.

The next dimension is the Self, along with its own complete set of experiences. Every Dimension that you pass through you will experience birth, life and death. Each Dimension has its own rules. All knowledge comes from what you have learnt from the lower vehicles, or what has been brought down from the higher levels. These levels are known as heavens or hells. Hell is nothing more than having learnt nothing more than the physical life. This where the natural laws of the universe and of the Divine creative forces were neglected.

All experiences on all levels of consciousness are collected to build the soul. Eventually the entity leaves the emotional dimension, and goes to sleep. The mind, the coordinator has digested and assimilated all the records and builds it into an embodiment, a conscious one, that ascends during the sleep…and awakens before living on the earth again or wherever it incarnates. Currently there is no choice or free will, souls are channeled into physical embodiment’s to fulfill the controlling cycles. This situation has existed until approximately 2010 when the Noospere was created in order to give beings a choice, without the usual controlling influences.

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