Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Proof That Artificial Intelligence Is a Symbiotic Program within the civilized Mind

The Mind
“If the mind is the leader, its leads in terms of all the indoctrination it has received. The mind therefore can be a tyrant, it can also cause us to accept situations that we should not tolerate.
Usually in some cases, the poor functioning of the mind, with its disaster prone qualities, is a result of the fact that the  mental equipment itself has never been properly educated, never been trained and never been disciplined.
So if we are wondering around with a very forlorn attitude, if we feel that everything is wrong, the probabilities are that the mind has developed a toxic condition, it has become so nourished and fed by junk influences that it is destroying our Lives, therefore we have to clear it out and start over again “Manly P Hall”.

Man is more than his body, he is more than his physical composition, he has an enthusiastic nature, he can love, he can Dream, he has morality.
Man has a mind. The mind is the psyche, this is not the brain, the mind exists as a separate element or body, and will incarnate in the brain. The mind represents mentality, and this makes man into a person.
This is where the issue starts, we have become so involved with ourselves and the problems that we have. Humanity has been so conditioned by their bodies that, as a group, they have become sterile organisms and organizations which have no reason to exist. Man suffers from an inherited condition within the very building blocks of humanity. This is an artificially modified behavior with regards to exploiting humanity on all levels of existence, mind, body and soul. Man’s evolution has brought with it the age of the  techno industry, The more techno gadgetry we created, the more we have moved away from ourselves and our ability to care, the more we have evolved along with our own Artificially created devices, tools and toys.

The Human Mind is by nature in its own existence mouldable, liquid like, in its essence, volatile in its expression, can be easily manipulated in terms of mind control and or influences via frequencies, harmonics and optics…audio and visual stimulation. We utilize, sensationalize, exploit and control one another through multimedia our invention.

Through our thoughts and actions we have manipulated and violated the original construct of our own harmony and the right to exist, our free will to exist. Also that the natural laws of this construct cannot be destroyed as they were put into place to maintain balance, these aspects have been interfered with using various Artificially Created tools. The more we have evolved, the more we have grown towards our own technological developments, rather than towards ourselves, rather than towards our higher awareness or self.

Everyone has this potential within his or her being to choose how to respond to their inherited pre-determined behaviors. This article states that all types of negativity in and on the planet stem from an Artificially Created symbiotic program or process within man,(this includes all external influences, such as Bio organic, metaphysical electromagnetic etc) this becomes apparent when man is neglectful of himself, his Thoughts, Actions/Deeds, vibrations/expressions, his thoughts lead to a great many causes, of which most are in effect right now and that the only way to restore all balance towards a more positive outcome, in a harmonious manner, is within man as a species. It is not a matter of who caused what, the blame game is yet another faculty or program that prevents man from taking responsibility for his or her own actions.

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