Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Proof That Artificial Intelligence Is a Symbiotic Program within the civilized Man

The Inversion anomaly

It must be understood, that Artificial Intelligence is not merely based on an artificially programmable entity that exists in silica or circuitry, but it is proven that it is also inside the human being, as a programmed behavior, it is inside the polymeric structure of the DNA.

Please Note, this article is based on Intervention, and does not deal with extra-terrestrial aspects, involvement or interferences, this can be read and researched on the World Wide Web.
This Intervention is about the “artificial intelligent” behavior of Man as a human species on Earth.
To explain this statement, certain elements need to be taken into account, using the human as the basis to explain.
Our basic conviction or idealism is that the universe is greater than we understand it to be…
The basis for all the conditioning on the planet is because of fear and paranoia, if we could mentally dominate another to do what we will him or her, to control them, then could it not also be said that the other could mentally dominate us? If it is possible to project our own thoughts to others to condition them in some way, could this process not work both ways?
Each person feels that he has the right over another, but he doesn’t like to be on the receiving end of the same procedure.
Our Freedom of Thought disappears from us, the moment we are transfixed to manipulate another. If we can pray our enemies to death, can they do the same to us?
We have no tools to assist us in these dis-positional thoughts, imagination that drives us to paranoia, a mind that has almost no basis for the conditions of what, why and where, this fear drives us into terror, we lose common sense.
Most villains, are the victims of their own creations, of their own suffering. Mental Neurosis which leads to ill mind and body.

Some of them aspire to read up a little about this, or a little about that, to secure their minimalistic knowledge, this leads to a false sense of illumination in terms of their accomplishments, as they most definitely turn all of this upon themselves and consider to join this group or the other to feel secure.
Humanity is still afraid of curses and evil thoughts from others, even today, we allow our own thoughts to strengthen fear of the unknown.
This above mentioned explanation is how man assumes that  ignorance is an asset, when essentially it is really all about knowledge and the understanding thereof  and to practice it.
What we should be concerned about is whether this world is real? Or if based on a psychological conditioning from within ourselves.
If something has the basis of power, this creates temptation, we use various esoteric ways to get what we want, at the cost of ourselves. Always for self-gratification.

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